In February 2001, after the Vodafone acquisition of Mannesmann, FutureCamp GmbH was established as a spin-off of the thinktank of the Mannesmann Group. Over time the individual subsidiaries were founded and the present structure ensued.

In 2001 the FutureCamp’s founders, Roland Geres, Walter Schütz und Peter Schneider, laid the cornerstone for all subsequently founded companies. All of them previously worked for the thinktank of the Mannesmann Group in the area of strategic corporate development.

The Vodafone acquisition of Mannesmann in 2000 provided the final impetus for the founders jump into entrepreneurial waters. The Munich Consultancy FutureCamp was thus founded and built on over ten-years of consulting experience, a large network and unique technological and methodical expertise.

FutureCamp aspired both to founding new companies in future-oriented and sustainable business fields and to successfully establishing them in growth markets.

From the beginning the team produced high-quality consulting services and invested profit margins in the sustainable growth fields of climate protection and emissions trading, new materials, medical services and innovation management.

In the course of time FutureCamp successfully established young companies and acquired new skills and resources.

FutureCarbon GmbH was founded back in 2002, producing carbon nanomaterials and refining them for high-tech applications. FutureCarbon was renamed Thermoheld GmbH in 2021. Since 2021, Thermoheld GmbH, based in Bayreuth, upper Franconia, has been a member of the Ziegler Group.

The methodological competence in the field of innovation, personal development and coaching was expanded and complementary expertise from the academic environment was integrated. In addition to training and coaching, as well as operative support in individual processes (facilitation, workshops), we also offer strategic advice in our fields of competency climate, sustainability, energy, environment and innovation.

In order to prepare executives for the transformation process digitization, in 2017 Führen 4.0 was founded. Leadership is undergoing a transformation in the age of home office, job sharing, and increasing internationalization. The aim of the seminars is to redefine leadership and to adapt it to the challenges of the digital age.

In the field of health we looked into state-of-the-art technologies and market trends. FutureCamp has participated in numerous national and international research projects, built up extensive competencies in the area of mobile health (“mHealth”), initiated its own activities and founded enterprises: The company Hepanet is a competent service provider for implementing liver dialysis. After several years of successful development and support, FutureCamp sold its shares.

In response to the growing range of services, FutureCamp was renamed FutureCamp Holding in 2009. Since then FutureCamp Holding has concentrated on the following areas of expertise: strategic consulting, business incubation and the development of business domains. Additionally, the holding is responsible for comprehensive venture management and supports its companies in both operational and strategic management.

In 2009 the business domains climate, sustainability, energy and environment were spun off into FutureCamp Climate, which belongs to 100% to FutureCamp Holding. The services offered by our subsidiary KlimaManufaktur GmbH and our affiliate Lif Enerji in Turkey Life Enerji enlarge our competence spectrum.

In 2023, the FutureCamp Group experienced further growth. With the foundation of "The Climate Desk TCD Consulting GmbH", we are continuing on our chosen path of growth, independence and a clear, distinctive profile. Two service areas will be primarily handled by The Climate Desk in the future: Research with the preparation of studies, expert opinions and intellectual products as well as CDP reporting with comprehensive investor and customer communication.