FutureCamp Holding

Peter Schneider
Managing Partner
Incubation, Innovation
Dr. Roland Geres
Managing Partner
Climate, Energy

Ute Binder
Controlling, HR
Andrea Brunner
Corporate Communications

Andreas Kohn
Analytics & Climate Policy
Thomas Riegl
System Administration, Telecommunications, IT, Media

Julia Schiedermeier
Office Management

FutureCamp Climate

Annette Gruß
Managing Director
Business Aministration
Thomas Mühlpointner
Member of the Management Team
FutureCamp Climate
Electrical Engineer

Felix Nickel
Member of the Management Team
Business Information Technologist
Angelika Berghald
Environmental Engineer

Dominik Glock
Industrial Engineer, MBA
Irmgard Kunzmann
Environmental Engineer

Johanna Lausen
Industrial Engineer
Sebastian Lenz
M.Sc. Engineering- and Hydrogeology

Maresa Münsterer
Forestry Scientist
Dr. Christian Pacher
Construction Engineer Waste Management

Hannah Powarcinsky
Forestry Scientist
Daniel Scholz

Lisa Weber
M.Sc. Life Science, Economics and Policy
Sengül Weidacher
Business Administration

Stefan Weigert
M.Sc. Management & Technology
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