Analysis & Knowledge Transfer

Expert know-how combined with up-to-date background knowledge are indispensable prerequisites for reacting to political developments and market changes early on and effectively hedging against future risks.

FutureCamp provides an extensive range of services in analysis and knowledge transfer. We support you in building up and transferring your in-house knowledge through custom-tailored workshops, training programmes and seminars. Our scenario workshops will provide you with insight to the future of climate markets. When specific questions arise, we are happy to take over the requisite research and compile studies and expertises.

Research, studies, expertises and newsletters

Precise information is essential in making efficient business decisions. FutureCamp compiles studies with the requisite information processed according to the needs of its clients. Topics include climate, sustainability, energy and environment. FutureCamp draws up studies and research papers in line with our clients' needs.

Strategic issues in particular can often not be tackled without dedicated expertises, for example:

  • How is the EU emissions trading system developing? How about CO2 prices?
  • What is happening in other important regions of the world?
  • Are green electricity certificates applicable for reducing company emissions?
  • What leeway do national and EU legislations grant to a federal state for its own climate policy?

We develop studies and market analyses for our clients containing all necessary information and research in a way tailored to suit the company’s needs. We also present content in the form of workshops, management briefings and training courses.

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)
For the BMWi, we carried out the research project "Elaboration of EU emissions trading after 2020 and its effects – in particular on industrial competitiveness and the energy sector – under consideration of options for avoiding carbon leakage".

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Capacity Building

We share our knowledge on emissions trading and monitoring systems worldwide and seek exchange of ideas as well as country-specific solutions.

Emissions trading or similar pricing systems are the primary instruments for climate policy in ever more countries around the globe. CO2 emissions are given a price and thus an economic value.

On the behalf of e.g. the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) or the World Bank, FutureCamp supports countries looking to introduce emissions trading systems. This is in the vein of climate protection, but also essential for European companies who want to avoid competitive disadvantages.

We thus contribute to the global expansion of capacity for emissions trading through road shows, secondments and the development of course material.

Our services for international climate protection capacity building include:

  • the elaboration of monitoring, reporting and verification systems (MRV)
  • the development of evaluation and allocation regulations
  • the design of emissions trading systems or other pricing systems
  • trading mechanisms and strategies for CO2 certificates

Federal Environment Agency
Organisation of the international conference on monitoring, reporting and verification with participants from Australia, China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, South Korea, USA and various other European States on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency.

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